Born 1968 in Helsinki, Finland
Sepänkatu 19 A 16, 00150 Helsinki
+358 40 5271347


Studio at Harakka Island, Helsinki

Finnish – native language
English – good
Swedish – good
Spanish – fair

Electric piano and drums on the Olento Orchestral band

Two children

Kaisa Johanna Salmi

Kaisa Salmi is Helsinki based visual artist, who works with different media, such as performances, installations, video, environmental art, and documentary movies. Many of her projects are participatory. She is well-known of her huge eye-catching works. More than 11 000 people took part to Fellman’s Field (2013), which included an enormous performance as well as a documentary film. Fellman’s Field was a construation of the biggest prison camp in the Finnish civil war in 1918. Salmi is completing her doctoral thesis at Aalto University and she holds two master’s degrees, from Theatre Academy (Theatre Arts) and from Aalto University (Visual Arts). Kaisa Salmi was artistic leader at Moi Helsinki festival in Beijing China, 2016.


Doctoral student, Aalto University, Department of Art, Helsinki

Master of Arts, Aalto University, Environmental Art, 2011 Helsinki

Master of Theatre Art, Theatre Academy, lighting design, 2006 Helsinki

Sculpture studies, Escola Massana, 2011, Barcelona, Spain

Business incubator, Aalto University, 2004 Helsinki

Theatre Academy Masterclass, Nida, Lithuania 1998

Engineer, electrical power technology, HTOL, 1997 Helsinki

Works at Collections

Saastamoinen Foundation, HAM, Kiasma Art Museum, Turku Art Museum, Lahti Art Museum, Kouvola Art Museum and Oulu Art Museum


2017 HAM Community Art contest, 1st prize, Kutosten kaltsit

2016 Sipoo municipality Public Art contest 1st Prize, Pumppuhuone

2013 University act 1st Prize Kaisa Salmi and Fellmanin pelto film, Lahti

2013 Publicity act prize, Ruusukatu, Oulu

2013 Oulu 100 acts no. 48, Kaisa Salmi and Ruusuteos (“Rose street”)

2013 Punavuori Society prize, Sinebrychoff tower lighting design

2011 Finnish Institute Artist of the Year, Estonia

2010 1st prize at Shaft environmental art contest, Helsinki

Positions of Trust

Saari Artist Residency Summer Well, planning and managing 2019

Jury member at Galleria Uusi Kipinä, Lahti,  Finnish views, 2018

KONE Foundation valuer 2014

SVÄS  Board Member 2011

Artistic Festival Manager

2016 Moi Helsinki Festival at Xidan, Beijing, China

Grants From the Past Three Years

2019 Jenny and Antti Wihuri foundation, Jatkuva pelko, €15 000

2019 TAIKE, artist grant , 1 year, €24 000

2019, TAIKE, €3 000

2019, TAIKE, €6500

2016-2018 TAIKE Artist Grant, 3 years, €61 200

Upcoming Works

2020 Jatkuva pelko, Jewish refugee movie

2020 Näkyvä ja näkymätön meri exhibition and symposium, Harakka island

2020 Markku Pätilä, documentary art film

2020 Making Bertolt Brecht, art movie

2021 Vuosaari 21 project

(2023-24 Yhteinen yksinäisyys, participatory art film)

Selected Exhibitions at Public Spaces and Galleries

2020 Oil paintings, Kaapeli gallery, Helsinki

2019 Sipoo, installation and art film

2019 Plastic mama, Opening ceremony for the Finnish Presidency of the Council of the European Union, Kansalaistori Square 2019

2019 Näkyvä ja näkymätön meri symposium and art exhibition, Harakka

2018 Kutosten kaltsit, communal art piece and film, HAM commission piece

2018 Fellmanin pelto, EMMA

2018 Veripelto, film, Kouvola Art Museum

2018 Veripelto film Pori Art Museum Oct 4-Oct 6

2017 Naisten puutarha, communal environmental art piece, Hyvinkää Art Museum

2017 #TEKOJA, communal art piece, Helsinki Festival, Inhimilliset uutiset, Suomi100

2017 #TEKOJA, communal art piece, Oulu August Festival, Inhimilliset uutiset, Suomi100

2017 405,6 communal art piece, 3D videos and installation, SuomiAreena, SITRA https://www.sitra.fi/ihmiset/taiteilija/

2017 Todellisuus Suomesta, Pori Cultural Foundation, communal art exhibition, Suomi 100

2017 Ronda, LUX Hki, lighting piece

2016 Magic boxes, Xidan Culture Square, Beijing, China

2016 Veripellot performance, Jättömaa Festival, Kouvola

2015 Bottlesea, Hippolyte Gallery, Helsinki

2015 Meeting Odysseus journey on an artist boat, pop-up performances, environmental art, Sardinia, Italy, Sete, France

2015 Joint environmental art exhibition, Former Power Station Rathenauhallen, Berlin

2015 Kouvola Art Museum invitational exhibition Puolivilli puutarha, Bottlesea

2015 Suomesta Gallery, Berlin

2014 Fellmanin pelto, film at Helsinki Short Film Festival, The Lahti Poetry Marathon festival, Tampere Short Film Festival, in Museo Werstas, Oulu Art Museum as an installation and at the Lahti Art Museum as an installation
TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0uB1wHf25o

2014 Hush! Three videos and an installation at the Pumppaamo Drift Festival, Suomenlinna, Helsinki

2013 Uusi Oulu communal lighting piece, LIGHTZOO, Oulu

2012-2013 visual artist in the KOLMIO pilot project, Harjula schools

2013 Rose piece Ruusukatu pakkahuoneenkatu, Oulu Art Museum environmental art exhibition

2013 Fellmanin pelto performance for 22 000 people in Lahti April 28

2012 TORI exhibition in Lahti, three performances together with Tero Annanollin and Ulla Reme, Häme Art Committee, Ornamo and WDC

2012 Edible sculpture, ArsBoretum12 Westers, Kemiö

2012 Unikuvia kaupunkitilassa and a beggar performance, Helsinki, commission piece for the Ihana Helsinki city festival

2011 Private exhibition, Gallery Kandela Helsinki

2011 Private exhibition, Rotermann Square, Tallinn, Estonia

2011 Private exhibition, Kulttuurikattila, Tallinn, Estonia http://www.ormar.info/pano/kultuurikatel/salmi/index.html

2011 Private exhibition, Gerbera labyrinth, in front of the Turku cathedral

2011 Summer exhibition, Arsboretum11 Westers , Kemiö

2011 Private exhibition, Tallinna Square, East-Helsinki

2011 Private exhibition, STOA gallery, Helsinki

2011 Private exhibition, Piknikutopia, centre of Helsinki. I closed a street from traffic for one week. It is an unnamed street that runs between the north and South Esplanade park and continues north named as Mikonkatu

2011 Private exhibition, Piknikutopia, Baltijaam, Tallinn Railway Station, Estonia

2010 Private exhibition, Päiväunet kaupunkitilassa jousitriolla, commission programming for the Helsinki Festival at the Old Church Park, Central Railway Station and Mannerheimintie

2010 Communal exhibition, PAIN, Kerava Art Museum, Kerava

2010 Private exhibition, Muovivyöry, Kamppi Narinkka Square. A large pile of trash in front of a shopping centre, commission piece for the Helsinki-viikko Festival, Helsinki

2010 Private exhibition, Vereslihalla, Gallery Kandela, Ruoholahti, Helsinki

2010 Joint exhibition, Neukölln Art Festival , Berlin, Germany

2010 Joint exhibition, AHNE Festival, Siltasaari, Helsinki

2009 Private exhibition, Gerbera labyrinth, at the Helsinki Central Railway Station, Helsinki

2008 Private exhibition, Gerberauni, in front of the Turku Cathedral

2008 Joint exhibition, Moving face, Kasarmintori Square, Helsinki, commission piece for the Helsinki Festival

2008 Joint exhibition, Burning man, Kaisaniemi, Helsinki, at the Valon voimat Festival

2008-2007 Private exhibition, Soiva kasvihuone, Lasipalatsi inner courtyard and East-Helsinki, Helsinki

2007 Private exhibition, Gerberameri, in front of the Finnish Parliament House and on the steps of the building

2007 Private exhibition, Soiva kasvihuone with gerberas, in the Lasipalatsi inner courtyard, Helsinki

2006 Private exhibition, Soiva kasvihuone with roses in the Lasipalatsi inner courtyard, Helsinki

2003 Joint exhibition, Anna palaa performance, Sinebrychoff Park, commission piece for the Valon Voimat Festival, Helsinki

2004 Light paintings at the Maunula Church Hall, Vantaa

2004 Lighting the Sinebrychoff Tower, commission piece for the Valon Voimat Festival, Helsinki

2001 Group exhibition, Installaatio at the Jyväskylä Craft Museum, Jyväskylä

2000 Private exhibition, Soiva kasvihuone, Töölönlahti, Helsinki, commission piece for Nordic Light

2000 Private exhibition, Hallgrim’s kirkja ulkopintaan Pani, high-power projection with large hand-painted pictures, Reykjavik, Iceland

1999 Palava jää performance, Sanomatalo Square, Helsinki

1999 Joint exhibition, installation at the Prague PQ99 Theatre Festival, Czech Republic

1999 Private exhibition, light sculptures at the Espoo Hall of Culture Gallery, Espoo

1999 Joint exhibition light sculptures at the VR warehouses, Helsinki, Valon voimat Festival

1995 Private exhibition at the Tampere Library, commission piece for the Women’s Culture Days, Tampere

1995 Joint exhibition, Valaistu puutarha at the Tampere Arboretum Tampere

Visualisation, Production Design, and Lighting Design for Opera, Theatre, Contemporary Dance, Ballet, and Music

2016 Visualization for Dagarnas skum, directed by Tanya Weinstein, Svenska Teater

2015 Visualization for Sibelius – konsentraatio, Ssht! directed by Juha Siltanen, Avanti!, Aleksander Theatre, Helsinki

2015 Meeting Odysseus journey on an artist boat, pop-up performances, France: Sete and Italy: Sardinia, Toskana

2012 I stopped my body contemporary dance piece, at the actively functioning Maria hospital in Helsinki, choreography Hanna Brotherus

2012 Manuscript contemporary dance piece, choreography Carl Knif, Kuopio tanssii ja soi Festival, Kuopio

2012 La nozze de Figaro, directed by Piotrek Scholodansky, Sibelius Academy, Musiikkitalo, Helsinki

2011 Mahti, Dance Theatre Tsuumi Oslo, Norway

2011 Ludwighafen contemporaty dance contest, choreography by Carl Knif, Saksa

2011 The turn of the screw, directed by Katariina Lahti, Sibelius Academy, Helsinki

2010, 2012 MAHTI, Dance Theatre Tsuumi, Aleksander Theatre, Helsinki

2010 Aune Kallisen yhteiskunnallisia muistioita, Kiasma Theatre

2010 Mandorla, contemporary dance piece, choreography by Carl Knif, Dansets Hus Stockholm, Sweden

2009 Mandorla, contemporary dance piece, choreography by, STOA, LUME, NUKU, Helsinki and Oulu

2009 Flash Flash Andy Warhol opera, directed by Kimmo Kahra, Alminsali, National Opera

2008 Lähiosoite, choreography by Hanna Brotherus, Zodiak

2008 Messiaen, Helsinki Cathedral crypt, Helsinki

2007 Hki-Berlin-Paris, Jorma Uotinen’s song soiree, Aleksander Theatre, Helsinki

2006 Sotilaan tarina, ballet, choreography by Rachid Tika, Vanemuine, Estonia

2005 Rasputin opera, Einojuhani Rautavaara, Marinski Theate, Saint Petersburg

2005 Pessoa, choreography by Jorma Uotinen, Oulu Theatre

2005 Arkkienkeli Oulusta, directed by Kaisa Korhonen, Jyväskylä City Theatre

2004 Messiaen, video piece, Maunula Church

2004 Norsunluutorni, choreography by Petri Kekoni Raatikko, Almi Hall, National Opera, Helsinki

2004 Pessoa, choreography by Jorma Uotinen Tartto, Estonia

2004 Yksi päivä ja yksi yö, choreography by Alpo Aaltokoski, Caracas, Venezuela

2004 Kävelen hitaasti tuulessa, choreography by Petri Kekoni Zodiak and STOA, Helsinki

2004 Suuntia choreography by Mikko Kallinen, Helsingin kulttuuritalo

2001 Scrjabin: Prometheus, music visualization, high-power projection with large hand-painted pictures, conducted by Vladimir Ashkenazy, Lucerne Festival, Switzerland

2001 Christmas concert visualization, Sibelius Hall, conducted by Osmo Vänskä, Lahti

2001 Täällä Pohjantähden alla, directed by Kaisa Korhonen, Jyväskylä City Theatre

1997-2000 four Suomussalmiryhmä dance pieces in the inner courtyard of Ateneum, at the Fredrik Theatre and Jugend Hall Gallery, Helsinki

2001 Red Xing, choreography by Raisa Punkki, Pyhäjärvi Dance Festival

2000 Voices of Europe feat Björk, production design and lighting design, St. John's Church, Helsinki

2000 Dance performances for Pia Karaspuro’s, Tiina Jalkanen’s and Päivi Rissanen’s work group, Espoo Culture Hall

2000 Ruben Oskar Auervaara, ohj. Katariina Lahti, Tampereen työväen teatteri

1999 Scrjabin, Prometheus, music visualization with high-power projections projected on the walls and ceiling of Barbican center, conducted by Pletjev, Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra, London

1999 Neiti Julie, directed by Katariina Lahti, Q-teatteri, Helsinki

1999 Huhtikuu choreography by Mikko Orpana, Gloria Hall ja Venus Theatre

1998 Scrjaboin Mysterium world premiere, visualization on the walls and ceiling with high-power projections, Finlandia Hall, conducted by Leif Segerstam

1996 Kesäyön uni, directed by Pirjo Koljonen, Hyvinkää Theatre

1996 Suuntia, choreography by Mikko Kallinen, contemporary dance festival, Turku

Film Screenings

Fellmanin pelto, Veripelto, Kutosten kaltsit, and Drift
Yle, Docpoint Hki, Tampere Short Film Festival, the 1918 functions of Risto Jarva Society in Orion, Kannu Kino in Espoo, Oulu Art Museum, EMMA, Pori Art Museum, Suomenlinna, Lahti Art Museum, The Lahti Poetry Marathon, numerous private functions: Asikkala, Jyväskylä, Estonia, and Tampere


Member of MUU ry since 2012

The Artists' Association of Finland 2012

Environmental.art website  http://environmentalart.net/kaisa_salmi/


Teaching and Lectures

2019 KUVA life skills and large-scale productions on the open field, lecture series

2013-2018 Lectures about trauma history and reconciliation, using Fellmanin pelto as an example. Numerous lectures at different seminars, including Psychotherapy Conference (Psykoterapiapäivät) in Tampere, for art teachers in EMMA, at the Tampere Visual Art Conference (Kuvataidepäivät), at the Hailuoto murhaperjantai seminar, Asikkalan 1918 event, Philosophy Club (Filosofian Klubi) and multiple functions in Aalto University

2013 Aalto University, Lantern Park workshop, Otaniemi

2012 Aalto University, Environmental art, Lantern park workshop, Espoo

2012 Aalto University, Environmental art, Kouvola la Arctopolis workshop, Kouvola

2011 Aalto University, Environmental art, Lantern park workshop, Espoo

2011 Ruutia festival, workshops for youths using recycled materials, Helsinki

2010, 2007 and 2001 projection course, Aalto University, the Department of Production Design, Helsinki

2009, 2008 and 2003 projection and painting course, Theatre Academy, Helsinki

2006 Dance course at Snellman elementary school, Helsinki

1998 Lighting design teaching, Centro Nacional de las artes, Mexico city, Mexico



2019 Helsinki Biennale 1/10 plan in the running

2017 Communal art contest, HAM Jakomäki, 1st prize

2016 Sipoo City invitational contest, permanent art piece, shared 1st prize

2014 Invitational contest, public art piece plan for an upcoming building, Aurinkokivi, the City of Vantaa

2011 Environmental art contest Baana, 1st prize


2019 Näkyvä ja näkymätön meri biennale and exhibition, Harakka Island

2019 Nainen, meri ja utopia, Saari Summer Well

2016 Moi Helsinki Festival, Xidan, Beijing. Curating a photo and video exhibition

2013 Lux Helsinki Lantern Park, Helsinki

2012 Lux Helsinki Lantern Park, Helsinki

2011 Lux Helsinki Lantern Park, Helsinki

Other Work Experiences

dishwasher, cafe employee, restaurant assistant, cleaner, bread demonstrator at a shop, person responsible for preparing cold foods, nanny, assistant to an electronic installer, electronic installer, technical foreperson, garden worker, secretary, lighting manager, neon sign washer, dancer at Riihimäki Theatre, actor at Hyvinkää Theatre, actor in Riihimäki Theatre


2018 Residence, Grassina, Firenze, Italy

2016 Saari Manor, KONE Foundation

2014 Marbella Artist Residence, Spain

Other Publications:

Lahden paikka, Lahden paikat, Päijät-Häme Research Society 2014, ESA PRINT
Tinfo 2014 article, Fellmanin pelto
Kollabjournals article: https://kollabjournal.wordpress.com
Blog: https://www.sitra.fi/ihmiset/taiteilija/


© 2020 Kaisa Salmi