Kutosten kaltsit

Kutosten kaltsit was carnevalistic happening at Jakomäki rocks. 28.4.2018. and five main characters movie.
Party started with meal, made by chef Andreas Patengen. Storie’s of Jakomäki people was performed by actress Niko Saarela and Outi Vuoriranta. A song by Noora Salmi was performed by NOOA. Choreographer Alpo Aaltokoski moved people and graffiti artist MIKA painted live. All participants could paint their own graffiti’s together.

Kaisa Salmi has collected material for this social work at Autumn 2017 and spring 2018 at Jakomäki. She has interviewed people and collected stories that belongs to participants connection to main rock, kutosten kaltsit. Kutosten kaltsit has been done together with people of Jakomäki and for them.
Kutosten kaltsit – performanssibileet is ordered by HAM and part of Taidetta sataa Jakomäkeen! project. This art piece is at HAM’s collection’s.

Artistic group of the film:
Concept, directing and production Kaisa Salmi
Cut H-P Vaara
Music Noora Salmi
Sound design Tuomas Skopa
Actors Niko Saarela ja Outi Vuoriranta

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